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Sharesight Reviews and Ratings: How Good is It Actually?

Navigating the world of investments has become increasingly complex with the rise of multiple brokerage accounts. Each broker offers specialized services, be it for stocks, cryptocurrencies, or options contracts.

This diversity, while advantageous, presents a challenge: managing numerous accounts. That’s where Sharesight steps in. Unlike traditional brokers, Sharesight serves as a portfolio tracking tool, consolidating all your investment accounts in one place.

It simplifies the often complicated tax obligations and is compatible with many leading brokerages. The question is, is Sharesight the right tool for you?

In this Sharesight review, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at the platform, evaluating its features and usability. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting, Sharesight offers a streamlined way to track your investments, from stocks to mutual funds to cryptocurrencies. Join us as we delve deeper into what Sharesight has to offer.

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What is Sharesight?

Sharesight is a portfolio tracking tool tailored for investors seeking a powerful tool to manage their investments. This platform not only helps consolidate your entire portfolio in one place but also provides detailed performance insights.

With advanced reporting options, users can track stock performance, monitor dividend payments, and handle tax reports.

Sharesight’s capabilities extend beyond just brokerage accounts. You can manage cash accounts and keep tabs on investments such as mutual funds, precious metals, and even real estate.

One of the standout features is the dividend tracking, which allows investors to easily track dividend income and gain a clearer understanding of their taxable income. If you’re an investor with multiple brokerage accounts or investments in different asset classes, Sharesight’s unlimited holdings feature ensures comprehensive coverage.

Sharesight Features

Integrations: Sharesight offers connectivity with over 200 global brokers, 40+ markets, and numerous software partners, including major names like Charles Schwab, Robinhood, and Interactive Brokers. It also supports newer platforms like cryptocurrency exchanges.
Portfolio Analysis: Users can easily track and analyze their portfolio’s performance. Sharesight offers customizable options to calculate returns, taking into account dividends, currency changes, and other factors. Users can also benchmark their portfolio against stocks, ETFs, or funds within the platform.
Tax Reporting: Sharesight simplifies tax season by tracking dividends and producing tax reports. It provides clarity on the tax implications of user investments.
Dividend Tracking: The platform effectively tracks dividends and distributions from over 240,000 global stocks and funds, offering data going back up to twenty years. It calculates dividend income, dividend yield, and shows the impact of dividends on portfolio performance.
Diversity Report: Sharesight’s Diversity Report provides insights into portfolio diversification, presenting data in a clear pie chart format.
Portfolio Tracker: This feature allows users to connect with over 150 supported brokerages and import trades and holdings. It offers a comprehensive view of investments, considering capital gains, brokerage fees, dividends, and currency fluctuations. Users can adjust the date range and group investments based on different criteria.
Sharesight Security: The platform ensures comprehensive security measures. It features two-factor authentication, encrypted data traffic, secure data centers, and regular security audits. All user information remains confidential.

Sharesight Pricing

Let’s look at the various pricing plans and their features:

Free Plan: This plan allows users to track one portfolio with a maximum of 10 holdings. It offers automatic dividend tracking and the ability to import trades via email. Users can share their portfolios and access performance and taxable income reports. However, the support provided is basic.
Starter Plan: Priced at $15 per month, or $11.25 if billed annually. This plan allows tracking of one portfolio with up to 30 holdings and divides it into 3 custom groups. It offers benchmarking and storage for files like annual reports. The support is standard.
Investor Plan: This plan costs $24 per month, reduced to $18 with an annual subscription. It offers unlimited holdings in 4 portfolios and categorizes them in up to 5 custom groups. Features include income reports predicting future cash flows, diversity reports, contribution analysis, and integrations with cash accounts and Xero.
Expert Plan: Priced at $31 monthly or $23.25 when billed annually. It supports up to 10 portfolios with unlimited holdings and allows organization into 10 custom groups. This plan provides multi-period reports, multi-currency valuations, and priority support.

Sharesight Reviews and Ratings

Let’s check the Sharesight Reviews and Ratings to see what users are saying:

Adele Davison

Jul 3, 2023


I recently upgraded to Investor Level

I recently upgraded to Investor Level, bringing in a second portfolio. I needed help to bring my shares over, and Ricky couldn’t have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and it was all done in a timely manner. So far, I couldn’t be happier! And I imagine tax time will be a breeze, as well as being able to see how my portfolio is performing at any time.

Date of experience: June 25, 2023

June Campbell

Jun 30, 2023


Love being able to hit a button anytime…

Love being able to hit a button anytime of the day or night and Sharesight shows your position without needing to use a calculator or thinking your may have missed something. Love Sharesight.

Date of experience: June 29, 2023


Nov 29, 2021

A must for perfect records

This program give exactly what I have been after for a long time. I created my own XL spread sheet prior to using Sharesight. A wonderful program that maintain day to day statistics which incl realised profits as well as dividends/distributions, a valuable tool to support end of year financials incl tax. A must for those who want accurate records.

Date of experience: November 30, 2021

Final Thoughts

Sharesight offers a comprehensive investment management tool suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. Its broad range of features, from detailed portfolio analysis to efficient tax reporting, makes it a standout choice for tracking and managing investments.

For anyone looking for a dependable and straightforward tool to manage their investments, Sharesight is a worthy platform. Click here to get started today.

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