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The Bears Take The Market but is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Everlodge worth a DCA?

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As the market turns bearish due to interest rate hike fears, we ask, is this a good buying opportunity for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Everlodge? And if so, is DCAing (Dollar Cost Averaging) the best strategy? Let’s find out.

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Why is the market down?

After a period of price rally, due to the bullish anticipation around the potential approval of Blackrock’s ETF, Bitcoin dived by 8% on the 18th of August, leaving investors confused as to why. Various theories were posited, from Evergrande to Elon Musk’s Space X selling large amounts of Bitcoin.  However, the most likely catalyst was the news that the Fed is likely to continue with hawkish monetary policy.  Bitcoin dropped briefly below $25,00 which then caused a large amount of liquidations, causing the price to drop further.  The price has now rallied to around $26,000.

Should you DCA into Bitcoin?

If you’ve been into crypto for a while, you’ll know that Bitcoin is the only coin that consistently always ends up higher than it has been before.  Whilst nobody knows if the same pattern will play out again, BTC is truly the digital gold, so if you believe in crypto, you probably believe in BTC. In my opinion, it’s almost always a good time to DCA into Bitcoin, since the DCA strategy avoids needing to time the market.  Still, there are better and worse times to DCA in and after a crash could be the perfect time, as long as you are willing to HODL if things dip further in the short term.

The Bitcoin halving event is next year and historically this has been bullish for BTC.

Should you DCA in Ethereum?

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a good coin to DCA into. Ethereum is the digital computer to Bitcoin’s digital gold. Ethereum is sometimes debated because although its TVL is extremely high, the future seems to lie with faster chains, whether that’s layer 2 solutions that rely on Ethereum, or purpose-built layer 1s.  The Cancun upgrade is scheduled for some time this year and while its intended to improve speed and fees, previous similar updates have rarely made fees cheaper but have pushed the price of Ethereum up.  Again, history may not repeat itself, but DCAing into blue chips like BTC and ETH can be a good strategy.

Should you DCA into Everlodge?

Everlodge, for those who haven’t heard of it yet, is a brand new project that lets people co-own and invest in luxury property markets around the world. This is achieved through tokenization, meaning that you can then buy fractions of a property from $100 up.  

This is a great way to allow people to get into the property rental market, without having to worry about needing a large amount of money to get started, and dealing with various taxes, paperwork, legal issues and maintenance, as Everlodge takes care of all of that.

Everlodge’s token is ELDG and is in the first phase of presale, having just exited the beta phase.  The price of ELDG is currently $0.012 and this will continue to rise until it reaches the minimum launch price of $0.038. It could then go as high as 30x on the launch date according to prominent crypto analysts.

For this reason, it’s not a great idea to DCA into Everlodge right now, but rather buy outright, since the price is only going to rise from now on. Of course, presales come with their own risks and potential high rewards. So if you are considering investing with them, think about how much you want to allocate then consider buying it now before it goes into the next presale stage.

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